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New Milford Photo is proud to bring you Heat Transfers Papers that are the highest quality. We carry Blue Grid Dark Heat Transfer Paper, Red Grid Light Heat Transfer Paper and we have recently added the Jetwear line up of heat transfer papers. New Milford heat transfer papers are the highest quality heat transfer papers available on the market today and at lower prices than 99% of the competition. We have t shirt transfer paper for both light and dark fabrics. We actually specialize in dark transfer paper and opaque transfer paper, as well as Ironall Heat Transfer Paper and Jetpro Heat Transfer Paper, unique, soft and stretchy heat transfer papers that will work on nearly anything. All our t shirt heat transfer paper is commercial grade and will work with a heat press or an everyday iron. We 100% guarantee it. Check below for a lineup of all our heat transfer paper products or email us with questions.

Try the milk before you buy the cow. Click here to order a free sampler pack of our transfer paper.

New Milford Photo has great pricing on all it's iron on transfer paper. Act now and try the finest heat transfer paper available sent WITH NO SHIPPING CHARGES for U.S. orders over $150.

8.5 x 11 Heat Transfer Papers A4 Transfers A3 Transfers 11 x 17 transfers 13 x19 Transfers 13 x19 Transfers 13 x19 Transfers
8.5x11 A4 A3 11x17 12x18 13x19 Rolls
We have iron on heat transfer papers ranging in sizes from 8.5x11 to 13x19. We also have standard international sizes a3 and a4.

Click on a shirt size above to see pricing!

New Milford Photo's premium heat transfer papers are designed to help you create your own wearable works of art. Transfer your favorite design, logo or photograph onto t-shirts, mouse-pads, cotton bags and more. You can virtually transfer any picture or graphics from your printer onto anything that is flat and withstands high temperature. Create original works of art for home, family, gifts, and corporate events.

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